Decoding the patterns of bad communication
2022-09-25, 12:05–13:35, Pupin

Let us have a discussion about what bad communication is and how to avoid it in the future - especially when you interact with others.
There are five common patterns we fall into, when we are communicating badly. This workshop will give you the tools to recognise these anti-patterns in yourself and others and furthermore the knowledge on how to change your communication for the better in the future. This will support you in getting your message understood.

Have you ever been in a situation where your communication went all wrong? When an open conversation turned into an argument that left you wondering "Why did this happen?"

This happens to all of us. Having an understanding about the five most common roles and anti-patterns of bad communication, can help prevent them from happening. Or help you to get out of them.

Understanding of these roles also helps you to create space for good communication – I.e., what to do and say, when you discover that your conversation partner acts accordingly to one of the anti-patterns.

This workshop will explain these roles and anti-patterns, discovering the signs, the reasons behind them, and what to focus on in order to avoid them. It will focus on spoken communication, not on other aspects like body language, facial expression or context and setting.

The workshop is a mixture presentation, group chat and self-reflection.

About me

I am is intrigued by words and passionate about communication, the way we relate with each other and the connections and cultures we create.

I work as a transformative coach for individuals and organisations and communication is at the core of every interaction in my life - "You can not not communicate".