Surveillance required - Network effect of surveillance apps
2022-09-23, 17:30–18:00, Pupin

In this 30 minute talk I talk about difference between optional and required loss of privacy in everyday digital communications. I start with brief history of how the surveillance has gotten worse and how the requirement of using these surveillance technologies became absolute necessity over time, even for those wishing or needing to stay anonymous.
I also talk about solutions and open protocols that allow you to retain your privacy, while making a strong point that securing your devices and your communication is a problem that mostly affects you, but not using at least one open communication protocol severely effects everybody. I make a point that this issue is necessary to fix in order to fix other issues in society and it is relatively easier to fix than others, since at least using one open protocol app completely solves it.

Today it is required to use apps that spy on you. This requirement comes mostly from the general population not using any open protocol messaging alternatives that allow you to hide your private information. It is one thing to have most people use insecure apps and whole other problem requiring others to do so as well. The "I have nothing to hide" argument can't be made in this case, as some people do have something to hide and others are not allowing them.