The journey to becoming an IT security expert
2022-09-24, 13:30–14:30, Pupin

Often (young) people want to become IT Security professionals. I want to give insight how my path looked like becoming an IT Security professional and what my opinions are in regards to becoming one. Additionally I want to give useful tips for their journey.

Securing digital systems is becoming more and more important. Especially, in our connected society a lot of systems collect and store personal data. Companies are realizing slowly that IT Security should be an essential part of their IT. Not only good work opportunities, but also the interesting and broad aspects of IT Security motivate a lot of people to dive into this area.
While trying to get a foothold in this field, people struggle often with the available options and best paths to start with.
With this talk I want to give an insight into my own path of becoming an IT Security Expert. By showing possible starting pointst.

This talk contains my experience, recommendations and opinion. There may be other ways to achieve the goal and I won't cover every aspect of IT Security in detail.

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