Internet under sanctions: then and now
2022-09-25, 13:00–13:30, Tesla

I would like to give a historical perspective on the impact
of sanctions on the development of Internet in Serbia. I would then
compare those experiences with the current demands for the exclusion
of Russia from the global Internet and how organisations such as RIPE
NCC (which I work for)/ICANN/Internet Society and the wider Internet
community respond to them.

War conflicts and sanctions often go hand in hand.
Sanctions against FR Yugoslavia during the first half of the nineties
also included a new domain — the Internet. Yugoslavia was cut off from
the world, all existing lines of communication with the global
Internet were suspended. The Internet "officially" arrived to Serbia
in 1996, lagging by few years behind other European countries.
Conflict in Kosovo brought additional set of sanctions, and challenges
for a young community of Internet users.

In the recent years conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine once
again raised the question of the use of the Internet during war.

What have we learned from the experience of the Yugoslav war; how is
the right to access the Internet seen today; and who makes decisions
on the suspension/revocation of that right?