Milan Gabor

Milan Gabor - founder and CEO
Milan is a certified ethical hacker, cybersecurity professional, lecturer at many cybersecurity conferences at home and abroad, trainer, researcher, security consultant, and TEDx speaker.

As founder and CEO of Viris, Milan has built the security firm and turned it into a major player in the penetration testing market. In addition to his executive role, Milan manages internal research and development, ensuring the company remains on top of the list of the best security companies.

As a trainer, Milan has held many different training courses about cybersecurity.

As a security researcher, Milan has led some development and exploitation projects. He has been asked for his professional opinion by all major media, like Monitor, POP TV, RTV SLO, Večer, and others.


All your hashes are belong to us
Milan Gabor

Join us for a concise, practical exploration of capturing and cracking NTLM hashes, with a special focus on the role password length plays in securing your digital environment.
This presentation will cover the basics of NTLM hashes and how they can be captured, highlighting potential system vulnerabilities. We will then move into automated hash-cracking techniques, showcasing well-known tools like Hashcat.
A key highlight of our session will be the demonstration of an all-in-one tool, streamlining the processes of hash capture and cracking. This tool offers an integrated approach to the tasks, improving both efficiency and security.
Importantly, we will emphasize the significance of password length. Illustrating how shorter passwords can be cracked more easily, we will discuss strategies for implementing robust password policies.
This session aims to provide critical insights into NTLM hash management for cybersecurity professionals while advocating for responsible, ethical usage of the knowledge gained.