API Security in the world of Microservices
2023-09-08, 15:30–16:15 (Europe/Berlin), Tesla

The new world has a new way of interaction. There is an immense rise in APIs on which the services interact with each other and so is the rise in vulnerabilities around APIs. It is important to look at it from a different perspective and strategy than what we do for web applications.

In this session we see some best practices on how we can secure and ensure that API's are safe. HOw to look at it from an attack surface perspective and how you can perform certain actions to make sure that your APIs are secure.

We will also touch upon the efforts from OWASP and OWASP API Security group on how we can defend and protect against common API security vulnerabilities.

Amit Kumar Sharma is a Security Evangelist with more than 10 years of experience in Application Security and Fuzz testing. He has worked in various roles including but not limited to Penetration Testing and Red Teaming. During his career he got a chance to work with various technologies in the domain of Telecom, Medical, ICS and Automotive Security. He works as a Security Specialist with Synopsys Inc , an organisation which provides Products and Consultation on how security fits in the SDLC and evangelising technologies like IAST, Open Source Security, Binary Analysis and Fuzz testing to uncover security issues. Currently his areas of research includes DevSecOps, Security in SDLC, Kubernetes Security and Secrets Management.