Exploiting Smart Contract Vulnerabilities
2023-09-10, 14:40–15:25 (Europe/Berlin), Pupin

This talk explores the world of smart contract vulnerabilities and the importance of secure development practices.

This talk aims to give attendees a clear understanding of smart contract vulnerabilities. We'll explore practical examples of how these vulnerabilities can be exploited and provide actionable recommendations for developing secure smart contracts. By following these best practices and using recommended security tools, developers can enhance the security and reliability of their smart contracts.


My name is Nikola Todorovic and I am working as lead blockchain engineer at OriginTrail. Interested in cryptography, security and playing CTFs. Currently, I am coach of Serbian national team for European Cybersecurity Challenge (ECSC) and member of Hacklab Belgrade. Other projects: PSSOH conference, DESCON, LiBRE! magazine, CyberHero (Serbian Cybersecurity Challenge)...