Rakija Leaks
2023-09-09, 21:20–22:20 (Europe/Berlin), Lounge

Rakija connecting people!

Rakia is one of the most popular alcoholic drink in Serbia. It is usually served before lunch and dinner and is drunk along with appetizers. It is mandatory to drink with roasted pig, lamb, or dried meat. It is a very important part of the Albanian and Serbian cultures and there are many historians that say that the origins of rakia are in Serbia. Serbia has the most consumption of rakia per capita and is the largest exporter of rakia. In a 2009 European Court ruling, the names "Slivovica" (Slivovitz), Dunjevaca, Orahovaca, and Kruskovaca were ruled to be Serbian and thus the country has a trademark on those three types of rakia (Slivovitz being the most famous and most consumed in the world).

Rakia is part of Serbian culture. It is part of many special occasions, including baptisms, marriages, joining of the army, and visiting of friends. At funerals, custom demands that a bottle of rakia be left on the grave of the deceased who liked to drink it, or at least to sprinkle a drop or two during the memorial service for peace of the person’s soul. For some peasants, a flask of rakia is one’s only luggage. Poor peasants many even offer the village doctor, policeman, judge, tax collector, or minister a flask of rakia as a gift of payment. Many folk songs have been composed during rakia production.