Recycling via code execution
2023-09-09, 14:20–15:05 (Europe/Berlin), Tesla

Many devices are brought into this world with very cool hardware and sleek design, but with very poor and limited software. Soon they are obsoleted and forgotten by the manufacturer and would be destined for a landfill.
Gaining code execution on an inaccessible device breathes new life into it. By gaining access, a hobbyist can repurpose it for their own projects while benefiting from robustness and usually nice form factor.
We will do a case study of the whys and the hows of breaking , reverse engineering and repurposing a couple of devices including a car infotainment system and an unusual camera.

Companies put a ton of work in making sleek and cool devices. Economy of scale makes what would be an enormously expensive device affordable. Until it is obsoleted.
With a bit of reverse engineering, a savvy hobbyist can reap benefits.

Aleks is a security researcher with a passion for vulnerability research, exploitation and reverse engineering.