MITM on PSTN -- novel methods for intercepting phone calls
2023-09-10, 19:05–19:35 (Europe/Berlin), Tesla

In this talk the author proposes a novel method for intercepting phone calls over PSTN, including
mobile networks.
We'll briefly each discuss the necessary components of the attack, including Caller ID spoofing,
SS7, call diverts, and social engineering, and then join the all together to form the novel attack

Two separate methods will be proposed.
The author will provide a pre-recorded demo of each attack.

Kirils Solovjovs is an IT policy activist, bug bounty hunter, and the most visible white-hat hacker
in Latvia having discovered and responsibly disclosed or reported multiple security vulnerabilities
in information systems of both national and international significance. He has extensive experience
in social engineering, penetration testing, network flow analysis, reverse engineering, and the
legal dimension.

He has developed the jailbreak tool for Mikrotik RouterOS, as well as created e-Saeima, helping the
Latvian Parliament become the first parliament in the world that is prepared for a fully remote
legislative process.

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