Karaoke night (again)
2023-09-08, 22:15–04:15 (Europe/Berlin), Lounge

There's songs, and you can sing them. If you're uncertain, the audience is very supportive. Let's make this a night to remember.

You can search through the library of available songs using your smartphone or laptop on site. Once you've chosen a song, you can submit yourselves (and friends) to the queue. You'll be notified once it's your turn to sing. For questions, ask the DJ during songs, in between songs they're busy twisting the right knobs and speaking into a microphone.

There's songs in over 20 languages available, some more than others. (Not a normal distribution.)
There's at least two microphones available, so you can sing duets as well.

Absolutely no drinks on the DJ table! This is not negotiable. We don't want anyone to spill a drink on the equipment (or the DJ).

Does weird things with Macs, BSD and Karaoke.

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