USB, how does it even work? Certified USB4 (Version 2.0)
2023-09-10, 13:05–14:20 (Europe/Berlin), Tesla

Continuing the USB story of your universal plug with USB4, alternative modes, and power delivery. Let's see what the USB implementers forum is up to.

Continuing the story of USB, how does it even work? (Recording on YouTube) from BalcCon 2k22 where I covered the beginning of USB up to and including USB 3.2 SuperSpeed+ Gen. 2×2.

Having attended the precursor to this year's talk, or having watched the recording (90 minutes, well spent) is highly recommended as it sets the mood for what is yet to come.

This time, covering USB4, Power Delivery (PD), alternative modes and more USB-C madness.
There be dragons!

Does weird things with Macs, BSD and Karaoke.

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